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Daanav Image Downloader 1.0

Extracts all images from a webpage a presents them as an HTML file
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Extracting all the images of a webpage with dozens of them can be a tiring and cumbersome task unless you count with Daanav Image Downloader. This tiny free tool does all the hard work for you – it scans the selected webpage and lists for you whatever JPEG, BMP, or PNG images (among other formats) the page may contain, saves them on a folder in your desktop, and creates a new HTML file with only the images found. The whole process takes but a few seconds, and the quality of the original images remains unchanged.

Its one-window interface serves perfectly the purpose of the program’s only function. All you have to do is paste a URL in the box provided and click on the “Download Images” button. In seconds, you’ll see the list populated with links to all the images of the webpage in question, which you can then click for an individual preview of each picture. At the end of the process, your default browser will open to show you a new HTML file with all the images that the program grabbed from the processed webpage. All files are individually stored in a folder that the program creates and places on your desktop. For reasons that escape me, the program won’t let you store those image files anywhere else – you may create a new folder on your desktop for them, and that is as flexible as it gets.

Other than that hard-to-fathom lack of flexibility, Daanav Image Downloader is an excellent small and free utility that will save you a lot of time and patience. Even if you’re not interested in grabbing all of the images on the page, it is always wiser and faster to use this app to download all images and save only those you were looking for than to move around the page right-clicking on each of the images you want to keep. All in all, Daanav Image Downloader is an app worth trying and, for many users, certainly worth keeping on their desktops.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Downloads all kind of image files
  • Presents all images in an HTML file
  • Preview of individual images


  • Lack of flexibility when selecting the output folder
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